The new Bob Sheppard Signature Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece by MACSAX ® Made from pure hard rubber, this piece is handcrafted to fit Sheppard’s specifications and features a large round chamber with virtually no baffle for a warm lyrical sound that responds evenly across the full range of the horn. Bob Sheppard worked with Eric Falcon, director of mouthpiece design at MACSAX® to create the ultimate sound – warm, yet bold and colorful. 
“This new Sheppard model by MACSAX improves on the tradition of vintage Otto Link “Slant Signature” pieces by providing more flexibility and dynamic range. I can push this mouthpiece to the limits or whisper in a ballad. We not only achieved my expectations, we developed a mouthpiece that will enhance the sound for any player” said Bob Sheppard.

My Passion for Tone

"I´m very excited about the new "MACSAX® Bob Sheppard Signature Tenor Mouthpiece." After working for over a year with expert mouthpiece technician Eric Falcon, I believe that we created something special. I've always been interested in the complexities of sound production from both the human element and equipment side. Anyone who has visited my home studio could tell you about my mouthpiece, ligature and horn collection. With passion for tone and a lifetime of experimentation, I have learned to understand the various ingredients that go into the sound production chain.

Over the years, I have experienced considerable success in helping players of all ages diagnose their habitual embouchure and equipment related sound issues. I often notice players developing terrible habits using setups that actually interfere and hamper the player. However, the search for a compatible mouthpiece setup is like finding a needle in a haystack and sorting through the wide array of mouthpiece choices can be confusing, frustrating and costly.

Initially I was searching to create a mouthpiece that sounded thicker than my vintage Dukoff, but during the development stage, Mike Crouch of MACSAX® felt confident that the signature model could prove to be a consistent and dependable option for players in search of the mouthpiece holy grail. With warm complexity, large dynamic range and fast articulation, I'm confident jazz players are going to enjoy playing this mouthpiece. I invite you to drop me a line if you try it; let me know what you think."


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